How to order a new computer


This article provides instructions for ordering a new computer via the ITS Support Portal.


An Internet-connected device with a web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari)


Submit a service request

  1. Click on the New Computer/Equipment Order service request form to order a new computer.
  2. Require assistance with choosing a computer?
    1. Yes - Select all the features that the computer should have.
    2. No - Select the desired make and model.
  3. Submit your request.  This will create a service request and forward it to the ITS purchasing team.

Track the progress of your submitted service request ticket

  1. For steps on how to view the status of your request, read this article: How to view your submitted Service Request tickets.
  2. Notification: Service Request Received by ITS
    The Requestor will receive an email when the ITS Purchasing team reviews their ticket for the very first time.
  3. After reviewing your ticket, the ITS Purchasing team will attach a suitable quote or recommend a computer model if necessary.
  4. Notification: Order your Computer/Equipment via EZBuy
    When the ITS Purchasing Team considers you ready to place the order, you will receive an email containing info about ordering via SDEZBuy.
  5. Once you place an order in SDEZBuy, when the time comes, the ITS Purchasing Team will approve the order in EZBuy.
  6. Now we wait till the order gets delivered to the ITS Faculty/Staff Support personnel.
  7. Notification: Computer has arrived
    The Requestor will receive an email when the computer has been delivered to ITS. Note: Your computer is not ready yet!
  8. The ITS Faculty/Staff Support personnel will load your computer with campus software and connect it to campus systems.
  9. Notification: Your Order is Ready
    When this process is complete, you will be notified via email that the device is ready for you. In this email, you will be asked a few questions including suitable times for laptop pickup. Please reply to this email with your answers.
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