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The Desire to Learn (D2L) platform is the learning management system for the South Dakota Mines and all the South Dakota Board of Regents Universities.  It is a portal where professors can upload content, administer tests and quizzes, discuss topics and monitor grades.  Students can retrieve course material, take exams, upload assignments and discuss with faculty and other students. 

To access D2L go to and sign in with your campus computer credentials.

D2L gradebooks are a powerful feature of the learning management system and can be configured to autograde assignments and help students know their instantaneous standing in your course.  Our D2L administrator can help you plan and setup this gradebook.

  • Online learning portal shared across all South Dakota Universities
  • One portal for all courses, no matter which university you are taking/teaching from.
  • Dedicated support personnel that are certified with D2L
Target Completion Date

1-2 business days.  Please allow more time at beginning of the semesters

Available To

South Dakota Mines students, staff and faculty for academic and business purposes only.


Services are provided at no cost to current students, staff and faculty.


D2L is only available to current students and faculty who are enrolled or teaching a course.

Setup Gradebook


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