DUO Multi-Factor Authentication


As part of our effort to better protect the users and data at South Dakota Mines, ITS has been rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to the faculty and staff. DUO was chosen as the preferred solution because it offers a user-friendly experience and has excellent technical support.


  With increasing security attacks across higher education institutions, passwords alone are not a sufficient way to protect resources. Duo MFA decreases the risk of a compromise.

Target Completion Date
  • As of the summer of 2020, DUO MFA is mandatory for all faculty and staff in the SDBOR system.
  • As of Spring 2022, DUO MFA is mandatory for all students
  • As of April 1st 2022, legacy authentication protocols that don't support MFA will no longer be supported
Available To

South Dakota Mines students, staff and faculty for academic and business purposes only.


DUO services are provided at no cost to current students, staff and faculty who use their own mobile device. If the user would prefer to utilize a DUO hardware token rather than a mobile device, tokens can be purchased in the bookstore for $30.

  • Devices used for DUO authentication must use an email app with modern authentication
  • Students, staff and faculty may use the DUO Mobile app on smart-phones with currently supported Android or iOS version
  • Students, staff and faculty may use hardware tokens that are registered with ITS
  • There are some tablets that may also be used for DUO, though there is no comprehensive list, and support is not guaranteed
  • All single sign-on enabled applications or services, such as Blackboard, Office365, Snap, MinesLink, and D2L require DUO authentication to be granted access
DUO MFA Assistance


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