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South Dakota Mines has many groups and organizations on campus, and sometimes communication needs to be facilitated, or accessed, by multiple parties within a group or organization. At these times having a single email address to represent and reach the members can be a very useful tool.

  • An email sent to a single email address can reach all enrolled users.
  • Access can be updated, added, and removed as necessary.
  • Some groups can be more effectively and efficiently represented by sending emails from the specific email of the organization.
Target Completion Date

Purpose, complexity, capability, security, and authorization determine the time needed to implement additional email accounts.

Available To

South Dakota Mines students, staff and faculty for academic and business purposes only.


Services are provided at no cost to current students, staff and faculty.

  • Student organization email accounts must be requested by the faculty or staff adviser to the organization.
  • Team leads should make the request, to ensure that the proper permissions and roles are added at time of creation.
  • Please know what rights and levels of access users within the group are to be assigned before submitting an account creation request.
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