New Hire


As part of the South Dakota Mines hiring process, new employees are provided with campus logins during their onboarding experience.  Campus computing accounts include logins to campus computers, email, OneDrive, Office 365, and SDBOR systems like Banner and D2L. 

Campus volunteers can also receive computing accounts but will need to complete an annual volunteer agreement and have hiring supervisors request computer and email accounts.

  • Mines users are provided with campus logins, email addresses, OneDrive and Zoom accounts.
  • Volunteers can be provided with computing accounts if requested.
  • User accounts are monitored for insecure practices and login attempts.
Target Completion Date

2-3 business days

Available To

South Dakota Mines students, staff and faculty for academic and business purposes only.


Services are provided at no cost to current students, staff and faculty.


Volunteer personnel need to complete a volunteer agreement with Human Resources every fiscal year.

Accounts for volunteers expire June 30 of every year, pending verification of volunteer agreements.

Faculty and staff accounts are deactivated immediately when employment is terminated unless other arrangements are made.

New Hire


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