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South Dakota Mines offers many ways to connect to the Internet. Connections are available via hardwired ports and the secured sdsmtwpa WiFi for campus domain-joined devices.  Visitors or users with personal devices can connect to the guest sdsmtopn WiFi or the Eduroam system. 

Network connectivity allows students, staff and faculty to access cloud storage, software licensing, research materials, printers and lab equipment.

Because education is so interconnected around the globe, it is essential for a stable, high-speed connectivity to be available at all times. Please report any network outages immediately so the ITS department can remedy them.

  • Secured connections through wired connections or the sdsmtwpa Wi-Fi.
  • Guest WiFi connectivity through sdsmtopn or Eduroam.
  • The computing network at South Dakota Mines offers 10Gb connections to the South Dakota REED network and connectivity to Internet2.
Target Completion Date

1-2 days

Available To

South Dakota Mines students, staff and faculty for academic and business purposes only.


Services are provided at no cost to current students, staff and faculty.

  • Most network ports on campus are deactivated, and are only activated as needed.
  • Non-campus devices are not permitted to connect to physical network ports, except from those in the Residence Halls.
  • ITS does not connect non-domain devices to the campus' secure WiFi - sdsmtwpa
  • ITS does not connect campus-computers to the guest WiFi - sdsmtopn
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