DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)


As part of our effort to better protect the users and data at South Dakota Mines, ITS has been rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to the faculty and staff. DUO was chosen as the preferred solution because it offers a user-friendly experience and has excellent technical support.

As of the summer of 2020, DUO MFA is mandatory for all faculty and staff in the SDBOR system.


What is MFA?

  • MFA is adding another “factor” to make it more difficult for a bad guy to log in. Basically, you will sign in with your password and be asked to verify with another factor – typically the DUO mobile app on your phone.
  • If your South Dakota Mines password is stolen, personal data can be viewed or altered, and the contents of your email, OneDrive, SharePoint, Banner, and Zoom accounts would all be compromised.
  • You can help safeguard against these threats by protecting your account with MFA.


Requirements for using MFA on a mobile device?

  • Once MFA is enabled you can still access your South Dakota Mines communications on your mobile device, but it will require an app that uses “modern authentication”.
  • If your current method of accessing your email, and calendar contacts on your mobile device does not support modern authentication, you will have to use one that does.
  • The Outlook mobile app from Microsoft does support modern authentication on both android and Apple.


What mail apps support modern authentication?

  • For Apple mobile devices, you can use the Mail App on the device if your device is running iOS 11 or newer or use the full-featured MS Outlook app.
  • For android mobile devices, you should use the MS Outlook app for the best office 365 experience.


How do I setup my phone with DUO?


How do I register a new phone with DUO?

Go to duo-recovery.sdsmt.edu, login, and choose "Add a new device" from the left pane.


For further information, refer to the DUO FAQ document.