Install Microsoft Visio



Microsoft Visio Professional 2021 and above


Windows 10 and above

License Terms

Available to install on all campus and personal devices.


  1. Go to the Azure website.
  2. Click the blue "Sign In" button.

  3. Sign in with your campus network credentials.

  4. If you have DUO MFA setup, you will be prompted to send a push to your device.

  5. To proceed, you need to open DUO on your mobile device and approve the push. The picture below is similar to what you will see on your device:

  6. Under Education, select the 'Software' tab and click on Visio Professional 20XX.

  7. When the Software tab opens on the right-hand side click the Download button at the bottom. If you already have the software installed, you may grab your key by clicking the View Key button​​​​​.

  8. The software will be downloaded as a .iso file. Windows will automatically mount the .iso as a drive from which the program can be installed. Otherwise, you will need to double-click on the downloaded file and will be prompted to confirm if you want to open it.

  9. Run Setup from here and Visio 20XX will do the rest.

  10. After the installation is finished, run the program and it should prompt you for a product key upon start up. The product key can be generated from the same page in Step #7 in which you download the Visio ISO file as well as the product key.

  11. In the case that you are not immediately prompted for a product key, click on "Account" tab on the bottom left of the screen while in Visio and you should immediately see an option to activate the product.

  12. Click on "Activate Product" and you will see this a Window pop up that will give you the option to "Enter a product key."
  13. At this point Visio should be up and running. Contact your IT department in the case that you encounter any errors along the way.





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