Install Ansys


Ansys Student 2023 R1 

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 10 & 11,  64-bit

Minimum Storage Required

- Installation Media: 11~ Gbs (can be deleted after installation is finished)
- Installed Programs - 49.2 GBs 

License Terms

Built-in license valid until 01/31/2024

Instructions (Ansys 2023)

  1. The academic version of Ansys is available to faculty and students at this link.

  2. Download the installation media from the button. 

  3. Right Click on the Zipped File and "Extract" the files to the desktop, preferably in a new folder. 

  4. Inside of the folder there should be a setup file that will prompt you to install the program. Right Click on the setup and run it as "Administrator."

  5. Ansys 2023 tends to pause at around 93% or so of the installation. You may need to wait a minute, but it should work out.

  6. Example main programs used under Ansys are"Workbench" and "Fluent," otherwise, Ansys will show a variety of programs under your installed applications.

Extra Notes

It is possible that older installation attempts may cause immediate "Critical Error" when trying to install Ansys. To combat this, check for and delete the old files found in:

1.) This PC under C:/Program Files/Ansys 
2.) Windows + R, search for "appdata" then navigate to AppData -> Roaming -> Ansys

Older Instructions (Ansys 2022)

  1. The academic version of Ansys is available to faculty and students at this link.

  2. Download the installer.

  3. Extract and run to install

Extra Notes for Ansys 2022

Running "ANS_ADMIN" may lead into a pop up error stating: "Can't read env(ansys sysdir)".

To get around this, you can search for the "Ansys Workbench 2022" program. Make sure to run it as Administrator and the workbench should initialize normally.


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