When is network maintenance performed

Network maintenance increases our network's resilience and robustness. Typical network maintenance is performed between the hours from 9:00 pm to midnight.  During these scheduled downtimes (typically the third Friday of each month) we are able to repair worn and broken equipment or connections, upgrade networking hardware or software, and install and test software and hardware to enhance and expand service to users.

During maintenance periods, ITS will be performing the following types of maintenance:

  • File server maintenance
  • Email and antivirus maintenance
  • Firmware updates and directory maintenance on the Email and file servers
  • Switch and router firmware/software maintenance
  • Residence Halls Networks and Network Security Systems maintenance
  • Router and switch maintenance
  • A variety of housekeeping chores

During these time periods, the following networked services will not be available or will be intermittent:

  • Access to the campus file servers
  • Access to the Internet on campus
  • Access to UNIX servers
  • Access to or from the Residence Hall Network
  • Access to the WEB servers (www.sdsmt.edu)
  • Access to Mainframe services (Fleet Management, MSA etc)
  • Access to Banner Self Service and INB (test and production)


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