Content Management - How to add modules and upload course material


Use the Content area to post and organize course materials so that everything is clearly laid out for students. Examples of course materials: documents (Word), PowerPoints, images, videos, and links.


An internet-connected device with a web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).


Adding Modules

  1. Log into D2L and access your course.
  2. Using the navigation bar at the top of your course, select Content.

  3. Before you can upload anything, you will have to create modules, which act as the structure of your Content area. Click Add a module..., then enter a title.
    Tip: Best practice is to use a module layout that matches the course structure (e.g. by week, by chapter). This makes it considerably easier for students to find content and stay on track.
  4. Repeat creating modules until your entire course is laid out.

  5. Make a mistake when creating modules? Enter the module, then use the dropdown to edit the title, rearrange modules, or delete modules.

  6. If desired, you can add dates to each module. Enter the module, then select 'Add dates and restrictions...'
    • Start Date – Prevents students from seeing the module until that date.
    • Due Date – Reminds students when they should complete the module by.
    • End Date – Not Recommended. Prevents students from seeing the module after that date.
  7. Once you are done adding dates, click Update. Repeat for each module you want to add dates to.


Uploading Course Materials/Adding Existing Activities (Discussions, Dropboxes, Quizzes)

  1. You are now ready to add course materials. Enter your desired module.
    1. Upload course materials from your computer
      1. Click New, then select Upload Files.
      2. Select My Computer.
      3. Click Upload
      4. Locate the file on your computer, select it, then click Open
      5. Click Add.
    2. Add a link
      1. Make sure the link is copied to your clipboard (right-click and copy, or Ctrl + C).
      2. Click New, then select Create a Link.
      3. Enter a “Title”, then paste your link to “URL” (right-click and paste, or Ctrl + V).
      4. Click Create.
    3. Add from Manage Files
      1. “Manage Files” acts as the file storage in your course, and contains all your uploaded documents. Example: if you added your syllabus to the “NSU Getting Started” homepage widget, it will be stored in Manage Files
      2. Click New, then select Add from Manage Files
      3. Locate your file, check the box next to it, then click Add.

    4. Add Existing Activity
      1. If you already created a discussion, dropbox, or quiz in your course, you can add it to Content
      2. Click Add Existing Activities, then select either Discuss, Dropbox, or Quizzes.
      3. Select the item that you want to add.

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