How to create a discussion forum


Use forums to organize your discussion topics into categories. Your course can have multiple forums and topics, but you must create a forum before you can create a topic since all topics belong to forums.


An internet-connected device with a web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).


  1. On the navigation bar, click Communications > Discussions.

  2. On the Discussions List page, from the New button drop-down menu, click New Forum.

  3. Enter a title and description for your new forum.

  4. In the Options section, select any of the following checkboxes:
    • Allow anonymous posts- To enable users to post anonymously.
    • A moderator must approve individual posts before they display in the forum- To ensure that posts are approved by a moderator before they display in the forum.
    • Users must start a thread before they can read and reply to other threads under each topic- To ensure user participation.
    • Display forum descriptions in topics- To provide instructors the option to display a discussion forum description within a discussion topic description.
  5. In the Restrictions tab, in the Availability section, add start or end dates.

  6. Select Locking Options for your forum. Locking a forum prevents users from posting to any of its associated topics until it is unlocked; they can still read posts made to a topic prior to it being locked.

  7. Click Save and Close.


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