How to install network printers (Apple MacOS)


Steps to connect to a network printer on a MacOS system


Apple MacOS


  1. Make sure you are connected to the campus secure network, either through sdsmtwpa, a wired campus connection, or through the VPN

  2. Open Printers & Scanners in the System Preferences

  3. Click the + button to add a new printer

  4. Hold the Control button on the keyboard and click on the toolbar.  Select “Customize Toolbar”

  5. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar and then click this button.

  6. Wait while the computer searches for printers

  7. In the Type dropdown select Windows printer via spools

  8. Enter the URL for the printing device in the following format:  


    where “PRINTERNAME” is the network name of the printer.  This is often labeled on the front of the printer.

  9. In Name field, enter a friendly and informative printer name to help you remember this printer.

  10. Under location type a location that helps you remember where the printer is located

  11. Choose a driver for this printer by pulling down the drop-down box.  Usually “Generic PostScript Printer” will work.

  12. Click the Add button.

  13. If the printer is equipped with a duplexer (double-sided printing) be sure to check the Duplex Printing Unit checkbox and click OK

  14. Test print from any application to verify the setup completed correctly.  

    NOTE: The first printout will get stuck in the print queue until you enter your security credentials.

  15. Click the printer icon on the Dock.  It will probably have a yellow warning label.

  16. The print job will show that it is Holding for Authentication.  Click the resume button.

  17. In the password box that appears input your campus computer credentials with your campus email as the username and campus computer password as the password.

  18. Check “Remember this password in my keychain” and click OK

  19. The test page should print automatically.  Your printer is now configured. 


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