How to setup Outlook on your home computer


This article goes through the steps of setting up Outlook on a home computer for Faculty/Staff.


An internet-connected device with the Microsoft Outlook app installed and a mobile device with DUO setup.


  1. Open Outlook, type in your faculty email account, then click “connect”.

  2. From the list of account types, select “Microsoft 365”.

  3. You will be directed to the school’s single sign-on page, where you can sign in using your email address as the username, and your network password.

  4. If you have DUO MFA setup, you will be prompted to send a push to your device.

    Tip: Selecting the 'Remember me for 30 days' checkbox allows you to directly sign in without going through the authentication process again.

  5. To proceed, you need to open DUO on your mobile device and approve the push. The picture below is similar to what you will see on your device:


  6. Upon successful sign-in, Outlook will confirm that the account is added. Click “Done”.


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