Borrowing a Laptop


Students may borrow a laptop from the Help Desk for up to a week at no cost. Please allow 10-15 minutes when picking up the laptop. 

If you need it for a longer time, please enroll in the Student Laptop Program at the ITS Help Desk.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may borrow a laptop from the Help Desk for up to 30 days, if they are waiting for a purchased machine to arrive.


Below are some guidelines to follow when borrowing a laptop:

  1. Please give at least 48 hours notice between notification and picking up the laptop. We need that time to get the laptop ready.
  2. Please be prepared to spend up to 15 minutes with us at the time of laptop pickup.
  3. Please be aware that loaner laptops are not replacements for the Laptop Program or purchasing machines for full or part-time staff.
  4. Please return the laptop promptly.
  5. If you put any files on the laptop be sure to remove them before you return the borrowed laptop. ITS will not save personal files on loaner laptops nor guarantee that your files will remain on the borrowed laptop after you return it.


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